Nausea Remedies – 3 Ways to Take Control Of Your Morning Sickness


Nausea affects seventy-five to eighty percent of pregnant women. At least forty percent also experience vomiting as a result of that nausea. Fortunately, there are natural remedies to help ease your queasiness. Here are three nausea remedies to help you take control of your morning sickness:

  1. Eat in bed –  That’s right. Eat in bed. First thing in the morning and in the middle of the night if you have to. Pregnant women are less likely to experience nausea if they stay in bed and eat a small snack. A bland snack, like crackers or a rice cake, helps stabilize your blood sugar levels. Low blood sugar is a surefire way to experience nausea; eating snacks high in protein or carbohydrates during the day and even the night staves off queasiness. Nuts, bread, or crackers release energy over time, which helps keep blood sugar levels normal. 

  3.  Be calm – Worry and stress are bad for your health, especially during pregnancy. Not only that, but it can exacerbate the symptoms of morning sickness! Women who describe themselves as “stressed out” have higher instances of nausea than women who lead calm lives. There are a number of ways to decompress. Try a warm (not hot) bath, a pregnancy yoga class, meditation exercises, or take a much-needed nap when you feel tired. You will feel more in control and will thereby take control of your morning sickness. Staying calm and well-rested is a surefire nausea remedy.

  5. Modify your diet – Some theories surrounding morning sickness suggest that nausea may be the body’s way of getting rid of toxins that could harm the baby. It was found that pregnant women who ate fried, fatty foods, and foods high in caffeine and sugar suffered from nausea and vomiting more than those who ate grains and low-fat foods. Though just a theory, there is definitely a correlation between the types of food a pregnant woman consumes and the severity of her morning sickness. Modifying your diet may be the most effective of all the nausea remedies. Eat complex carbohydrates and proteins in small, regular intervals during the day. Avoid foods high in fat, foods that are spicy, fried, and foods that are difficult to digest. Low-fat dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt, help to quell nausea. Supplement your diet with a prenatal vitamin; take it with your largest meal to avoid nausea.

These nausea remedies are the best way to stave off morning sickness. Not only will they help ease your queasiness, they will also ensure that you have a healthy pregnancy. Though most morning sickness symptoms abate after the first trimester, keeping your blood sugar levels steady, eating well, and staying calm will continue to benefit you in the second and third trimesters.

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